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John McCain, the (Un)original Liar

John McCain assures voters that he was never a Maverick

Just yesterday, Newsweek published an interview with the Senator from Arizona and 2008 Republican Nominee in which he states (and I quote) that he’s “never considered [him]self a maverick.”

What do you say to that? What do you say to someone who campaigned in 2008 as the “original maverick” and then collapses under a massive heap of used Tea Bags?

John McCain USED the people of Arizona and the independent views of his state as a platform of “maverickness” off of which to operate. That was his political personality. But now that being a tea bagger seems popular, he’s emigrated to that corner of the political spectrum.

John McCain, you are a liar! You know that. We know that.

It has become increasingly evident that most Republicans are willing to say anything to get elected. If that means deceiving the American people about health care, then they will lie. If it means abandoning the moderates in their party, then they will run away from their values. The trend is blatant: the GOP will do anything for a quick fix.

The numbers are irrefutable. Only 13 percent of American Voters consider themselves to be Tea Partiers, yet GOP leadership has risen to the political occasion. To say this wasn’t an opportunistic short term move after health care reform would be simply untrue. I can only hope that it has made sleeping difficult for these scumbags.

This exodus to the far wastelands of political conservatism hasn’t been limited to congressional newcomers, instead it is being led by Washington veterans as well. John McCain is currently in a “no, I’m the most conservative” race against challenger J.D. Hayworth, which explains the nature of his statement, and why he fell for the tea party trap. He has forgotten the massive population of independent thinkers and moderate Republicans in his state, a state which went majority blue in the 2008 House Elections. I guess we can only hope that his new policy of lies works well for him.


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