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The Democratic Party 2.0: Retooled for the Internet Age

April 14th, 2010 1 comment
The Internet is Serious Business motivational poster

I'd even say it's a BFD. (Photo: Wiki Commons)

Is it just me, or are both parties starting to sound a little repetitive? Ok, there is new stuff to argue about – banking reform, offshore drilling, bailouts, etc. These are all important issues. But on many items of domestic policy it feels like we’re just fighting and refighting the same old wars. We could probably just leave two record players on loop:

Republicans – “Small government, low taxes, free market, Ronald Reagan…”

Democrats – “Social programs, equal rights, corporate greed, George W. Bush…”

But really, those partisan record players have been playing some of the same tracks for over thirty years now. I think it’s time to upgrade to an iParty. So what would the Democratic Party 2.0 look like? Well, first we’ve got to reframe the party platform around some of the biggest issues of the Internet Age – things that the parties are barely dipping their toes into right now.

Examples? I want the Democrats to own net neutrality the way the Republicans own gun rights. I want the Democrats to be the party of national defense when it comes to cyber warfare. I want the Democratic Party to be synonymous with Gov 2.0.

More and more of our social lives and economy are based around the Internet, and our politics should reflect that. There’s a huge opening for either party to grab the ball on this and run with it, and whichever one moves first and decisively will leave the other one scrambling to catch up. I think the Democrats are well positioned to be that party. Obama has already made movements to put more government info online and beef up cyber security. Hillary Clinton made her call to “tear down this firewall” earlier this year. Now it’s time to take it to the next level.